Why Cold-Formed Steel is the Best for Framing

Of all the essential steps you need to go through in the process of building, framing is one of the most important. Framing sets the stage for what the rest of the building is going to be like and how sturdy it will be. Without a sturdy framing, your house won’t be able to hold itself together.

Although wood framing is still relatively popular, cold-formed steel is a far better option for multiple reasons which we’ll get into here for your benefit.

First of all, you won’t spend nearly as much as with any other material. Nearly any building owner you talk to will be able to confirm that sold-formed steel is by far the most economical choice.

In addition, one of the most durable metals in the world is steel, so choosing it for your building’s framing makes perfect sense if your goal is a sturdy foundation. Wood tends to warp, shrink, rot or splinter under high pressure and moisture, while brick will swell under high moisture and concrete will often shrink and crack. Ask a structural engineer which material is best for framing, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll tell you it’s steel.

Steel is also easy to work with for framework and will save plenty of time that would otherwise be spent on putting a relatively sturdy framing together from any other material.

In addition to all this, steel is even resistant to fire, which is always a good trait for any structure.

So when choosing what you’re going to use for your new building, I think I know what material you’ll use. The benefits are many!

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