Different Kinds of Fireplaces

A fireplace is often a decorative centerpiece in many homes, and it’s almost impossible for it not to be! I mean, it provides heat, it looks good, and it’s usually situated in the main living room space where it’s clearly visible for everyone to enjoy.

Here we’re going to take a little look at a couple different types of fireplaces that you’ll have to choose between when getting a new fireplace put it.

The first step when choosing a fireplace is always deciding what kind of fuel you’re going with and from there you’ll narrow down your options considerably.

Wood is a type of fuel that’s easy to get your hands on not to mention a healthy and renewable energy source. Gas is another easy energy source to get your hands on in most parts of the country. It’s a silent burner and is tidier and easier to maintain than wood since you eliminate the entire lumber purchasing process as well as being able to avoid the hefty amount of cleaning that you need to do with wood fireplaces. Gas is generally up to 55 percent more effective as an energy saver than wood, and you have the added bonus of a simple “press the button” approach to lighting up your fireplace.

Then you’ve got your electric fireplaces. These are the most convenient as far as maintenance and upkeep, but not the most efficient energy-wise. They do look great in a wall, lined up nicely under a good TV in the living room.

Once you’ve chosen your energy source, it’s all downhill from there! Most of the choices you’ll make after that are aesthetic and placement issues, and that’s the fun part!