The Benefits of Trimming your Trees

We’ve had a couple people ask us why trees need to be trimmed at all, so we called in out friends from Tree Service North Andover MA to give us a couple of reasons why tree trimming is important.

The first and most obvious reason is the tree’s appearance! Just like with a hair cut, a good regular tree trim will make any tree look like it’s well taken care of and keep it from getting all wild with unruly branches and overgrown limbs.

Next, keeping a segment of trees well-trimmed adds to the aesthetic of the entire landscape, boosting the appeal of entire neighborhoods. Trimming also keeps branches from clustering and allows rain water and sunlight to reach the ground around it, keeping the land nourished.

One of the most important reasons to trim your trees is the trees’ health. And overgrown tree is more often than not and unhealthy tree and will be prone to damage and rot which can lead to the tree being a hazard to its surroundings. The practice of trimming trees for the sake of health is referred to as “pruning.”

As we touched on just now, keeping a tree well trimmed is part of keeping the surroundings safe. Trees with large and loose branches are often a danger to things and people around it. Falling branches can do serious damage, and overgrown roots will damage any pavement or concrete in it’s vicinity.

Get in touch with your local tree experts today to get your trees trimmed and keep your neighborhood clean and safe!

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